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LARGE & MIDCAP FUND INVESTMENT IN Rs 1000 – PGIM India Fund – Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic landscape of mutual fund investments, the category of Large & Mid Cap Funds has emerged as a popular choice among investors seeking a balance between the safety offered by leading companies and the growth potential inherent in mid-sized enterprises.

PGIM India Fund

Mutual Fund Investments - PGIM India Fund

The PGIM India Large & Mid Cap Fund, recently launched by asset management company PGIM India, stands out as a notable addition to the mutual fund equity segment, providing investors with an opportunity to capitalize on long-term capital growth.

Key Features of PGIM India Large & Mid Cap Fund:

The fund, open for subscription from January 24 to February 7, 2024, is strategically designed to invest in equity and equity-related securities. Its actively managed portfolio predominantly comprises large-cap and mid-cap shares, allowing investors to benefit from the growth prospects of both market segments.

Portfolio Strategy:

PGIM India Large & Mid Cap Fund follows a portfolio construction strategy that involves investing a minimum of 35% each in large-cap and mid-cap stocks. The approach combines a top-down and bottom-up process, with a keen focus on assessing the fundamentals of each stock, including the quality of management.

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This dual strategy aims to ensure a well-rounded portfolio that balances the strengths of both large and mid-cap companies.

Investment Entry and Exit:

PGIM India Fund : mutual funds

One of the attractive aspects of PGIM India Large & Mid Cap Fund is its accessibility. Investors can start investing with a minimum amount of Rs. 5,000, followed by subsequent investments in multiples of Rs. 1. For those opting for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), a minimum of five times the investment is required, with a minimum deposit of Rs. 1,000 for each installment. An exit load of 0.50% applies within the initial 90 days from the date of unit allotment, after which it becomes zero.

Fund Management:

The equity arm of the fund is adeptly managed by Vinay Paharia, Ananda Padmanabhan Anjaneya, and Utsav Mehta, while Puneet Pal oversees the debt arm. Ojaswi Khicha is responsible for managing the foreign investments associated with the project.

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This seasoned team of fund managers brings a wealth of expertise to the table, contributing to the fund’s potential for success.

Investor Suitability:

PGIM India Large & Mid Cap Fund is positioned as a suitable choice for both new investors and existing investors looking to rebalance their portfolios and mitigate concentration risks. Vinay Pahadia, CIO of PGIM India Mutual Fund, highlights the ongoing opportunity to invest in high-growth, quality large and mid-cap companies poised to benefit from India’s growth story. The fund’s strategy is aligned with the anticipation of sustained capital growth over the long term.

Considerations for Prospective Investors:

Before considering an investment in Large & Mid Cap Funds, investors should weigh certain key factors:

  1. Investment Objective: As an equity mutual fund, Large & Mid Cap Funds typically have a long-term investment horizon, aligning with long-term financial goals. Investors willing to commit for at least five years may find this fund most suitable.
  2. Risk: Large and mid-cap funds inherently carry equity market risk, as they invest in stocks. While these funds are diversified and often invest in India’s top 250 companies, they are not immune to short-term stock market fluctuations.
  3. Expense Ratio: Managing a mutual fund incurs operational and administrative expenses, including fund manager salaries. These costs are passed on to investors in the form of an annual fee known as the expense ratio. Investors should scrutinize the expense ratio of the fund before making investment decisions.


the PGIM India Large & Mid Cap Fund presents an intriguing opportunity for investors seeking exposure to a balanced portfolio of large and mid-cap stocks. With its carefully crafted investment strategy, experienced fund management team, and accessible entry points, the fund adds a valuable option to the landscape of mutual fund investments in 2024. However, investors are reminded to carefully consider their investment goals, risk tolerance, and the fund’s expense ratio before making investment decisions.

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