Stock Market – 3 Stocks Priced Below Rs 200 Offering Potential for 18% Profit in 3 Weeks

Stock Market

In the dynamic landscape of stock markets, navigating through volatility requires astute decision-making and informed analysis. Despite the tumultuous nature of recent trading sessions, the closing moments have offered glimpses of optimism, reigniting hope among investors. In this context, esteemed brokerage houses have identified three stocks that exhibit promising potential for short-term investment. This essay delves into an in-depth examination of these stocks, exploring their market dynamics, growth prospects, and technical indicators to provide a comprehensive understanding for potential investors.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel (BSE: 500470, NSE: TATASTEEL) stands as a beacon of excellence in the private sector steel manufacturing domain. With a closing price of Rs. 146 in the preceding trading session, this stalwart of the industry has garnered attention from analysts and investors alike. Technical Research AVP, Vidnyan Sawant from GEPL Capital, advocates for a bullish stance on Tata Steel, projecting a target price of Rs. 163 within the next three weeks. This forecast entails an anticipated 12 percent increase in value, propelled by a volume breakout in the stock. Sawant advises investors to exercise caution by setting a stop loss at Rs. 135, ensuring prudent risk management amidst market fluctuations.

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HFCL (BSE: 500183, NSE: HFCL) emerges as a key player in the realm of telecommunication infrastructure. Amidst the intricacies of market dynamics, this mid-cap stock closed at Rs. 115, offering a compelling opportunity for investors seeking short-term gains. Technical analyst Vidnyan Sawant of EEPL Capital advocates for a bullish outlook on HFCL, projecting a target price of Rs. 135 within the forthcoming three weeks. This optimistic forecast anticipates an 18 percent surge in value, underpinned by the company’s strategic positioning within the sector. Sawant emphasizes the importance of setting a stop loss at Rs. 104 to mitigate potential downside risks, thereby safeguarding investors’ interests.

Bharat Electronics

Bharat Electronics, known as BEL (BSE: 500049, NSE: BEL), commands prominence as a premier public sector entity specializing in defense electronics manufacturing. With a closing price of Rs. 195 in the recent trading session, BEL captures the attention of investors seeking exposure to the defense sector. Amit Trivedi, a technical analyst at Yes Securities, advocates for a bullish stance on BEL, setting a target price of Rs. 209 in the short term. This projection envisages a 7 percent appreciation in value within a week, reflective of the company’s robust fundamentals and growth trajectory. Trivedi underscores the importance of implementing a stop loss at Rs. 187, thereby instilling discipline and prudence in investment strategies.


In conclusion, amidst the backdrop of market volatility, the identified stocks – Tata Steel, HFCL, and Bharat Electronics – present compelling opportunities for short-term investment. Each stock, characterized by distinct market positioning and growth drivers, offers investors avenues for potential profit. However, it is imperative for investors to conduct thorough due diligence, considering both fundamental and technical factors, before making investment decisions. By exercising caution, implementing risk management strategies, and staying abreast of market developments, investors can capitalize on these opportunities and navigate the dynamic landscape of stock markets with confidence and resilience.

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