Tata Group shares : Earn up to 21% Profit : 4 Tata Group Shares Now Available For Purchase : Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of stock market investments, Indian investors often gravitate towards the reliable and esteemed Tata Group companies.

Renowned for their resilience and potential for growth, Tata Group stocks have been instrumental in delivering impressive returns for investors in recent times.

Tata Group shares

 Tata Group shares
Tata Group shares – Tata Group shares

Following the release of third-quarter results for the October-December 2023 period, brokerage firms have identified four Tata Group shares that present compelling investment opportunities, promising potential profits of up to 21%.

1 ) Tata Steel

As the country’s largest steel producer operating in the private sector, Tata Steel (BSE: 500470, NSE: TATASTEEL) remains a cornerstone of India’s industrial landscape.

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With its shares closing at Rs 141 recently, a research report by Axis Securities projects a bullish outlook, suggesting that Tata Steel’s stock could surge to Rs 150, signaling a potential gain of over 6%.

2 ) Titan Company

Titan (BSE: 500114, NSE: TITAN) stands as a prominent lifestyle company within the Tata Group, renowned for its offerings in watches and jewelry products.

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With its shares closing at Rs 3,592, a research report from Motilal Oswal paints an optimistic picture, forecasting a potential rise to Rs 4,200, which could translate to a substantial gain of 17%.

3 ) TATA Consumer

TATA Consumer (BSE: 500800, NSE: TATACONSUM) holds a significant position within the Tata Group, operating globally in the food and soft drinks sector. With shares closing at Rs 1,129, a report issued by ICICI Securities suggests a bright future, anticipating a potential surge to Rs 1,360, presenting an enticing opportunity for investors with a projected gain of 21%.

4 ) Trent

Trent (BSE: 500251, NSE: TRENT) emerges as a leading retail company within the Tata Group, catering to diverse consumer needs. With shares closing at Rs 3,758, a research report by Motilal Oswal underscores potential growth prospects, indicating a likely advancement to Rs 4,200 in the near term, promising investors a gain of 12%.


the allure of Tata Group stocks persists among Indian investors, driven by a combination of strong fundamentals, promising growth prospects, and positive recommendations from brokerage firms. With opportunities abound, investors keen on capitalizing on the potential profits of up to 21% offered by these four Tata Group shares may find themselves well-positioned to reap the rewards of prudent investment decisions in the ever-evolving stock market landscape.

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